hey i can tell from all of the anime on your blog that you like pop punk, so why don't you come check out my band Sunrise Skater Kids. we're from Baltimore just trying to get our name out there. we have big dreams and sound like other popular pop punk bands so we're on our way i think. pizza

Oh sounds good yeah dude I’ll check it out. You could tell I love pop punk from my anime? Righteous man! I love pizza and pop punk idk what I’d do without it. I just listened to your band and it sounds like doodoo but it ok I still love it

Yo, dropped you a follow as i saw you were into similar music to me and your blogs sick! I'm not trying to spam but i genuinely think you might dig my band, we're similar to The Wonder Years, The Story So Far and Real Friends and we just dropped a new music video this weekend, check us out at facebook/BESTYEARSUK or just search 'BEST YEARS'!

How about you suck my dick hell yeah my blog is sick. Fuck 3D its about the 2D. I don’t even like that music anymore

Persona 5 confirmed for PS4 (+ other cool Japanese games). Fuck YEA